First Look: Jurassic World


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Farewell, How I Met Your Mother!

The entertainment you have provided me in the last 9 years has been out of the world! I understand it is time for you to go, but I will miss you greatly!



Silver Falls State Park, South Falls, Oregon, USA

(by Don Briggs)

Silver Falls State Park in Fall. I want to go back!

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Gender-bent Disney princes make meaningful point about the fluidity of gender

To combat the strict stereotypes that Disney princes and princesses represent, some geniuses at Imgur have started swapping the genders of Disney characters. Genderbent Disney shows that Disney clearly gets a little lazy when it comes to reusing their character molds, making it surprisingly easy to look more feminine. To make a male character look more classically feminine, for example, all you need to do is round the chin, soften the jaw and make the nose a little slimmer.

But with the simplicity of these alterations — a few millimeters of nose, a different hairstyle — Disney accidentally makes a meaningful point about the fluidity of gender expression.

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The Disney men have such feminine faces in the first place.


Forrest Gump!!!


What was said during the “Record Breaking Oscar Selfie”

DeGeneres: “Um, Meryl…”

Meryl Streep: "Yes."

DeGeneres: “Here’s my idea: OK, so you were nominated … it’s a record breaking 18 times, right? So I thought we would try to break another record right now with the most re-tweets of a photo.”

Streep: "OK."

DeGeneres: “So right now, I am going to take a picture of us.”

Streep: "OK."

DeGeneres: "And then we’ll see if we can break the record for the most retweets."

Streep: (pointing to Julia Roberts) “OK. She’s … get her in here.”

DeGeneres: “Yeah, you should get in here, too, Julia.”

Julia Roberts: (holding up bunny ears) “I can just do this.”

DeGeneres: "No lean in. Lean in. Channing, if you can get in also."

Bradley Cooper: “Do you want me to take it?”

DeGeneres: “Bradley, will you come in, no I want you in it.”

Cooper: (pointing at the phone) “I can take it.”

DeGeneres: “Jennifer [Lawrence], come in also.”

Cooper: “I’ll take it.”

DeGeneres: "Brad [Pitt], get in here."

Cooper: (reaching for the phone) “I’ll take it.”

DeGeneres: “No, I’m doing it.

Cooper: "You’ll take it?"

DeGeneres: “Angie [Jolie]. Lupita [Nyong’o]. All right. OK, wait.”

Jared Leto: “Hold on, I’m getting in on this, too!”

Cooper: (moving Ellen’s arm) “Maybe this way. This way.”

Jennifer Lawrence: “Somebody should drop a boob if we want this re-tweeted this many times.”

DeGeneres: “Meryl…”

Channing Tatum: "Drop a boob. Somebody drop a boob."

DeGeneres: “Meryl. Meryl…”

Streep: "Want me to do it?"

Cooper: “Here, I’ll do it.”

DeGeneres: "No, Meryl. Can you take it, Meryl?"

Tatum: “I’ll drop a boob. It’s fine, I swear.”

Roberts: “What does that mean, ‘drop a boob’?”

DeGeneres: "Meryl, can you take it? I can’t get everyone in here."

Tatum: "All right, I got a boob. I got a boob."

Lawrence: “Is my arm further?”

Cooper: (finally securing the phone) “My arm goes way further.”

Lawrence: “My arm’s probably better.”

DeGeneres: "Hey, that’s good. Look at us."

Cooper: “Nice!”

Brad Pitt: "Not bad."

DeGeneres: "Oh yes! We did it!"

Streep: “Oh, I’ve never tweeted before!”